Check your YouTube settings, in particular your Advanced settings Channel ID. or if you have a unique ID google search -> youtube and channel name -> open various search result links and you will get the channel id

Check out your console’s security or privacy settings and make sure they are enabled to share your gameplay information. We do not have access to your personal information, see privacy policy.

Go to User Account, Subscription, change plan then select your new plan

We are updating game stats on our platform all the time. Send us a note through our Contact page and we will work hard to get them for you.

Don’t see your question? Send us a note at [email protected]

This link will tell you your YouTube if.

When you first create your profile it is hidden from the public until you decide you want to show it. Go to "User Account" and select "SHOW" my profile to the public.

Go to USER ACCOUNT and in the email field change your email. Then select update. You can also change the email that your messages are sent to. Go to Manage Messages and change the email address.

Great question. We are always adding new games to our stats section. BUT, if you don't see your game, you can take screen shots of your stats while you play the game and add these photos to your photo section.